NO.4 | The Tradition

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NO.4 | The Tradition handmade leather knife caddy - Brim + Birch

The Tradition serves its purpose well (and you have chosen wisely).  Protect the one piece of gear with special significance that matters so much to you with minimalist construction, durable American design, cut and stitched leather. Single caddy for your single valued possession giving superb security and quick access. The Tradition can be paired with The Origin, The Works or other carry option to meet your diverse gear rotation needs.  When ordered with a pen loop a pen is included

Does not include knife or other accessories that may be shown in pictures.

Approximate dimensions (in inches):

3 3/4" x 1 3/4" 

Measurements without elastic loops

Expected time to make before shipping

3-5 business days

Pen color will vary with available stock (Pokka pocket pen or similar).